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Thread: Boat Insurance Question

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    Tremor Therapy
    So I've got AAA insurance for my boat, and it is $1200 per year. I've gone ahead and tried Boat U.S., and a few others, and they are rating my Shockwave 25 Tremor with a 496 MagHO as a high performance boat, and the rates they are quoting me are higher than what AAA has!
    Anybody got any hookups on boat insurance? I seem to remember Rivercrazy and some others stating they had insurance as low as the $600-$700 dollar range. Anybody with some suggestions on who to check with?

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    I use State Farm and pay about $800 with a 525.

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    25' Nordic 496 HO through Progressive on agreed value $764.00

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    Quality Time
    Call Bob Luellen at Worldwide. He is in Mich. and handles a ton of performance/offshore boats. I'm 32' with twin HO's and paying less than you.

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    xs ultra
    Try these guys. Rate are good for me.performance boat are not a problem.
    Boat U.S 800 395-2628

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    I have Progressive, a 28ft V with twins (5.7) $907 a year.

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    I have Allstate for my 27' Dana with a MPI 502. Its about $800/yr.

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    Check your pms, I might be able to help you out.

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    25' Nordic 496 HO through Progressive on agreed value $764.00
    Yep. 23' Eliminator 454 Mag. agreed value. $389.00

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    Oh dont get me started ...
    My three month premium is due at the end of this month and it is more than your whole year....

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