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Thread: I dont feel like runnin' it hard

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    Staying home this weekend. Going to see "Larry the Cable guy" at Universal.

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    everyone has to 'RUN IT SLOW' sometimes!!!

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    Especially if you don't have a boat.

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    everyone has to 'RUN IT SLOW' sometimes!!!
    WTF do you mean....

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    Especially if you don't have a boat.
    Frenchies got a ride though...

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    I feel ya on the staying home this weekend thing. I went to the river last weekend and ended up runnin it so hard I stayed an extra day and called in sick and since I've been home I haven't stopped...I think I need to give my body a little time to recover!!! :idea:

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    moneypit...insman is going to that show also

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    WTF do you mean....
    sometimes they like it slow!!!

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