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    I'm almost finished sanding off old paint and I have laid a straight edge on the chines and a few of them are showing between .100 - .060 inches hook. this boat is now upside down. It sat on the wrong trailer for about 2 years that I know of, minus motor but with pump. My question is will the hook come out when the boat is fitted to the trailer and the weight of the motor is back in the boat? Or is this not enough hook to be concerned with, or should I get to grinding? Any help would Help. Thanks. Don Capone CA.

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    spectras only
    squirt, I've just read this post and before you start grinding check the thickness of your hull' bottom and if it isn't at least 3/4 inch at the keel I wouldn'd grind at all. I would rather use a poxy filler to the void areas. .100" is really not that much, I would worry about it if it was around a 1/4".If you had trimtabs in other boats before, that's when you actually feel the boat having too much vetted surface .One thing is very important on some boats that has 3/4 or less thickness bottoms to make sure yor trailer bunks exceed the stern of your boat.The vertical stern gives the most support for the hull resting on the trailer. There are a lot of boats with too short bunks which contributes to primature distortion of the hull bottoms.

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    I would fill it like spectras only says. A buddy sanded and ground the hook (againt everyones advice) on his southwind jet. After a complete resto with new paint, interior and engine it now rests over 280 feet down at lake castake (sp?). Gone forever!

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    thanks for the thoughts. Its been sitting on its lid for a little over a week with a saw horse under the stringers in the rear. After the last sunny day I checked the hook again and its almost gone. I will not grind on the hull or any hull in the future thanks to your advice I will try to keep from playing U-boat commander. Don

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