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Thread: Scary Stuff..Zabasearch

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    Mrs CP 19
    New database that will find people, thier address, satellite photo of home, phone number, year of birth, etc. I just requested my information be removed. If you find yourself there and want to be removed, use Zaba tools, they give address and info needed to remove you from database.

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    There are hundreds of sites like that on the web. Lots of our information is on all kinds of databases everywhere. :supp: If you read the privacy portion on the site they don't even have the database it is only an interface to public records. :smile: Don't worry to much :smile:

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    Mrs CP 19
    Agreed, but this was too easy. No accessing public records, etc. I have never been able to locate info so easily with just a name. And, the record being accurate and thourough.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Whats funny is my name only shows up on my rental and not actually where I live. I have lived in the same spot for 36 yrs.

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    If you have a single shred of revolving credit, own any real estate or recieve any catalogs - your info will always appear. Since they are selling credit header info, it is impossible for you to be removed from any database. You might be removed from their database, but the info comes directly from the source...Experian, Equifax and Trans Union.
    Try as they may, nobody has been able to shut this guy down.

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    Kachina Ken posted something about this a while ago..

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    My wifes name does not come up with her married name.
    Under her madin name it says she was born in 1940. Boy did they add a few years on to her. Think I should tell her? :devil:
    The address is our current house though

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    It's scary stuff unless your name is Mike Jones or Dave Johnson (doh!).
    Scary as it is, it really doesn't increase your likelihood of becoming an identity theft victim. If you have a bank account or credit card, any clerk, waiter or customer service rep can jack your info at will. Bastards.
    On the other hand, if somebody owes you money, now you can send bubba out to collect!

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    Mrs CP 19
    There are new privacy laws in effect about sharing information. These come from your financial institutions, credit card companies, etc. Most people throw them away. I fill them out and send them in and ask every financial company I deal with, 'do not share information with affiliates or any other company'. As far as the credit reporting agency's, you can also request they do not share so you do not receive unsolicited credit card offers. I was a research specialist for a major credit card for years, so am aware of ways to get info...I use Lexis/nexis...but just hate having my info anywhere anyone can look at it, including a satellite shot of my homes. (they have both our CA and AZ info) Just my .02

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    The problem with privacy laws is the fact we are a data driven society. As soon as the Internet came online, everybody knew eventually, some clown would pop up and start selling what used to be proprietary info. As a result, a litany of privacy laws is being handed down – many of which will end up costing the consumer in the long run. Imagine not being able to do a background check on a potential employee or care provider; spending thousands to find a missing witness; not being able to enforce child support orders; and even worse, having to wait a week or two before you receive a credit decision instead of the normal 30 seconds.
    Companies like Lexis/Nexis and Choicepoint are the biggest offenders, but have very deep pockets to grease many palms. Although you can opt out, there’s a difference between your information being “shared” as opposed to sold. Nothing will stop them from selling your info – after all, that’s what they’re in business to do – collect and sell negative info about you. That’s why your info is never really removed from any database.
    It will be interesting to see how the laws unfold over the next several years. Until then, keep your guard up and give anybody hell that asks for your ss number – and bust your employers balls about what steps they have taken to ensure your personnel file is safe. Nothing like a Nigerian janitor doing a little office cleaning at night…..

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