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Thread: Stud Girdle questions

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    Jet City
    I fitted my studs, poly-locs and stud girdles up tonight, didn't fit as I had hoped, center two intake studs show readings as high as .025 on both heads. It turns out the stud locations are off this much, straight edge shows exhaust studs to be real straight. Question is, what is acceptable for side deviation on these studs? I know this will make adjusting the valves a little more challenging, but will this also leed to broken studs?
    Hardware used:
    Probe stud girdles
    Manley studs (girdle type)
    Jomar poly-locs
    Chevy guide plates (same reading with or without these installed)

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    The only girdle I ever saw that fit right and went right on without deflecting studs was a Brodix girdle on a Brodix head. All other combo's just don't line up and you pound them on or modify the girdle.
    Last heads I bought were Canfields and I bought the Canfield girdle..but it has to be tapped on also. All I can tell ya.

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    I use Webster's girdle on my 990 heads and they fit perfect, lash don't change and they are a snap to put on!..

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    Jet City
    Fiat, are saying that you use a soft hammer to align the studs before installing the girdles?
    GFR, I was really tempted to buy the Websters, went a cheaper route with some Probes (ebay) and top qaulity Jomar nuts. I think the problem is with my heads, I don't think a different brand girdle would improve this.
    Here's the Probe girdles, perhaps not as beefy as Websters, but a similar design.

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    Well it is possible the studs are not lined up right, and it is possible the girdle isn't right also, they do look similar to Websters but they were "cheaper" too!..

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    I had some problems the first time I tried to fit my Jomar to the Dart 320's ---called to make sure it was the right girdle for that head---confirmed it was and advised to position girdle very loose around rocker locks----tighten exhaust first---then intakes---girdle went on easier, but appears some studs are off as lash is changed when tightened----just have to check lash after tightening and readjust till right when tightened----have a set of cranes on a steel chevy head that go on easy and don't change lash when tightened

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    Wow, sounds like a lot of hassle. All I do with mine is set it on and grab it in the middle with one hand and gently squeeze as I bring it up until it locks into place, tighten it from the inside out done deal. I always do a quick check after though just to be safe and never had to relash any of them!..

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    I tweak..convince or hammer the thing on there. Then adjust the valves with the girdle in place and tight enough so I can barely turn adjuster to adjust. Then final tighten and check lash has not moved. And I do not use jam nuts in the adjuster. I take them out or back them off. Works for me.

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    how necessary do u think girdles are i have a mild motor been looking at some just curious.what about the 100$ sets i see on ebay

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    I think all aluminum heads should run a girdle to keep from pulling stud bosses with high spring pressures. Cast iron head wise...I've seen a lot of guys get away without one.

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