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Thread: Big Block Spanking Party #3 This weekend Oct 5,6,7th!!

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    If you feel that you have a fast sucker boat then come on out to play where you definitely won't "Blend" in!!
    So far, there are lots of "Blenders" but very few Big Blocks scheduled to show. Remember, the proof is on the water not on this board!!
    P.S. If you feel that I am trying to "egg" you on, you are right. BBSP is for all boats who like a good show regardless of how SLOW you are!!
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    fat rat
    Hey Wickey........were you spanked as a child?

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    you can count mine in all finished its not as fast on top speed but will prob get you an asswhipin to plane can haul more beer too(bb torque)plan to have fun any way will be by myself.

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    Charger is in!!

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    yup any one bringin a radar gun curious to see what top speed is. boat is auqa and black.bbf

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    I'm in. I'll be looking for you guys on Friday.
    There will be an old Schiada, with an old guy piloting it:
    And an old Eliminator, with water in the oil.
    As you can see...No tunnel rams, blowers, or other go-fast tricks. But we'll see you there anyways! Always up for a good time!

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    Awesmome H8monday!! We'll be looking for ya.
    Sharp boat!!! Where was that picture taken?
    And yes Charger, there will be a radar gun. The fastest pass at bbsp#1 was 126mph!!!
    And yes it was an outboard that hadn't even pushed the second stage nitrous button yet!!

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    right on cant wait i will finally see what my top mph is i guess at 65-70 if its true not bad for a single carb 429bbf.more interested in a good there sat morn.aqua and black jet boat.

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    Since my boat doesn't go fast... I've never been to 'Speed Alley'. Would someone mind telling me where that is? I am driving about 10 hours for my spanking, and don't want to miss it. I have been to Havasu, and am pretty familiar with the pond.

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    Sharp boat!!! Where was that picture taken?[/B]
    Both of those shots are on Utah Lake. It is a very large natural lake just outside of Provo Utah. The lake altitude is 4011 feet.
    We lose alot of HP at that altitude.

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