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Thread: Virtual Stripper!!

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    Almost as good as the virtual bartender.....
    Post your best commands!
    STRIP! ( :sqeyes:

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    6 Dollar Boat
    she took off her top for me...but she wouldn't lick her foot

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    Krazy K
    Well, she has the IQ of a stripper! She doesn't understand:
    play with yourself
    play with your pussy
    rub yourself
    put your hand on your pussy
    How much more do I have to describe it? I told her to take her panties off, and she pulls them down and then back up! F*CKIN DUNCE!!!

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    I threw her a twenny and she wouldn't spank her ass or squeal.
    How do I get my cash back?

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    Yeah, she is kinda STUPID!
    I haven't met very many smart strippers though! :frown:

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    Even Burger King's "Subservient Chicken" has better moves.
    Where's the "Virtual Bartender" site?

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    blow job

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    get naked

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    What a dumb bitch. She doesn't do anything I tell her.

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