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Thread: holley carb identification

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    Hey guys,
    Can anybody help me identify my holley?
    Holley's web site said the part # is located on the choke tower. My choke tower was grinded off like the many holleys out there.
    Is there another way to identify other than the #'s on the choke tower? Anybody know any great sites that cover this?
    Thanks again in advance...
    (Fellow ADM blacklister)

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    Rat Raft
    Holley catalogs and most of the books on them list the throttle plate & venturi sizes. With this info you could narrow it down even though you might not find out exactly which model it is. If you want email me with the sizes and I will see what I can figure out.

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    Check the throttle plates sometimes they are on there also, and sometimes on the base plate just above a mounting hole

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    On my base plate there this 12R-4507-BR
    and on the underside of the plate 11153
    On the throttle plates (inside barrels)there
    is a 180 on each butterfly plate.
    Thanks in advance for any further advice.
    (Fellow ADM blacklister)

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    go to the holley web site. I wrote to them and they gave me tons to tech stuff.
    The size of your butterflies is stamped on them.
    Do you have a vacuum dashpot controlling your secondaries?
    Does each bowl have its own fuel inlet?
    Do you have replacable jets on your secondary side?
    What do your boosters look like?
    Tell holley and they will know all. I recieved excellant advice.
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    Hallett of a Dream
    I believe that with the 180 on each plate means something that it it 1.8" and is an 850. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but that is what I've heard.

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    Thanks guys, Ive bean told this is an 850 by a couple of people.

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