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Thread: Rockford Fosgate..............

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    Good or Crap?

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    Good stuff. I had an all Fosgate system installed in my car back in 1987 and have never had any problems.
    Good or Crap?

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    Medium grade!!

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    Thankfully not 1987 anymore. My point was the equipment has lasted years and have not had any issues. I'm not sure if would buy their stuff again since is overpriced but have been happy thusfar.

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    Good stuff.......

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    Havasu Hangin'
    It's not 1987 anymore. Very, very overpriced mediocre equipment. The only thing I would use is their very overpriced, high end subs, otherwise, stay away.
    Agreed. They are not the same company that built the great reputation in the 80's and 90's.

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    Is Alpine any good these days? They used to have good stuff. I also remember having an excellent receiver made by Concord.

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    I know Concord is long gone. They had some nice head units. Most likely I would either get Alpine or Kenwood equipment if was to do again.
    Concord is gone, I believe. Alpine decks and signal processors are top notch. Their amps are technological marvels, but underpowered, like most Japanese amps. Their speakers are great, but don't handle a lot of power. Probably best suited for a car enviornment where sound quality is at a premium and the acoustics can be controlled.

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    I've used nothing but Fosgate subs in any system for as long as I have built stereos!
    Been through the gamut of speakers, still seem to like Kenwood for the price, and lately I haven't found a Head Unit I like better than the Clarion.
    For an Amp? Pheonix Gold.
    My .02

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