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Thread: More questions from the new guy.

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    Finally got to test my winter/spring/summer project.It's an 18'cole ('76)with a 468 BBC,aBerkley 12JG ride plate, shoe, droop snoot, wedge, blue printed bottom, place diverter etc.The motor has a strip dominater intake, holly 800 dp, oval port heads,and log manifolds.Cam is 518 degrees @ .050 with 501 lift.Now for the questions. I have a slight porpise when i trim up about half way.To much wedge or lose the droop? How do I figure out whitch impeller I have? {at around 60 MPH I'm pulling around 5200 RPM}.Where should the ride plate be set?I'm feeling the need for more speed.But it sure is fun to drive.

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    How much V are you runnin in that Cole. I suggest you get rid of the droop.

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    Maybe you should give that droop to me. Sounds like I could use it more than you...

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    Get your motor running right first. I see so many jetters out there making a ton of changes in different area's at the same time. When you get caught up in that, it's hard to tell where your gain any performance or for that matter, LOOSE performance. I would like to know what cam your running (Who made it and all the specs) What is the lift and duration numbers? What degree of lobe seperation? Solid or hyd? Second, LOOSE the water logs. They work fine on daycruisers and low performance applications. You need a free'er breathing header. Bassett,Rewarder,Hooker ect....All these LITTLE changes ad up to alot in the long run. As far as impeller is concerned, A 468 turning 5200 rpm should be an A impeller. You have most of the right parts in place. Oval port heads are a good choice for low end torque but rectangle port heads start to outshine MOST oval's at about 4000 rpm and above. Do you have access to some sort of recording device like a radar gun or gps? It would VERY helpful when making changes to see if your going in the right direction. Once you get the motor where you want it THEN start tuning the pump,shoe and rideplate. Droops are a great investment IF you are running in lots of rough water and thats about it. When you added wedge AND a droop, you changed the nozzle angles dramatically. Try running it WITHOUT the wedge FIRST and take a mph/rpm reading. THEN, reinstall the wedge and remove the droop and do another mph/rpm reading. Your shoe and ride plate should be adjusted in small amounts. It will be obvious to you when you have gone to far with it. It will start porpoising. It sounds to me like you have more rpm in the motor and your fighting yourself in the pump,shoe and rideplate area. If you fell like calling me at my shop just email me for the number. BLOWNDRAGBOAT@YAHOO.COM I will more than glad to help you tune your boat.

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    Just a thought, if you are in Lake Forest you should go see Jack at MPD in Costa Mesa or Greg Shoemaker in Corona. These guys have been in the business of hot boats and racing for years and could probably help you iron out your challenges. I have heard that Jack gives a lot of free advice. If you want to do the work yourself maybe you can invite him to lunch (you pay) and pick his brain.
    I don't know, it can't hurt to ask.

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    Thanks for the help. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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