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Thread: need a Ski Nautique

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    Only have 13K Anyone, Anyone :idea:

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    I'll give you 13K for your Magic. Problem solved.
    It isn't mine. I just work there. But the benefits aren't bad.
    Now back to the Nautique?

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    Hit up Eliminator4Life....he sells those!!

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    I have an 87 Supra Saltare (24ft) mechanicaly it is very sound. Has an Airboom tower. Kevlar hull. The only problems with the boat are cosmetic. Needs to be either repainted or regel. The interior is in decent shape but it is in need of carpet. We were planning on redoing the whole boat, but ended up buying a new 21 Supra Launch. We put in new steering, tranny and had the motor gone through in the last 2 seasons. If this is something you might be interested in let me know. I dont have any pics of it but if you sare interested I could go and take some and post them.
    P.s. God.... before you kill any kittens, this isnt spam...yet

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    Troubles No More
    Try this place.
    Classified Ads - For Sale

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    There are several here in Indiana for sale in the paper. If you go to you can find several around or under $13K.

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    Ive got a 88 master craft for sale I'll let it go for 10K...
    Let me know if your interested....
    Bill Gardner

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