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Thread: Brake rotor requirement

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    I am wondering if anybody out there can help me find a cross reference part # for the brake rotor on my boat trailer.
    It is a shoreland'r SLR31BLW
    Shoreland'r part # for the rotor is 4410291...
    I am thinking there may be an everyday vehicle that uses the same rotor...Can anyone help here??
    And the reason I need one is not a good topic right now.. :crossx:

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    Tom Brown
    Why do you need one, Chase?

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    I doubt it. I have dealt with several trailers over the years; boat and otherwise; and have not found any that have car parts on them. Prolly best to stick with original. Good luck, though.

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    Tom Brown
    Princess Auto has quite a few trailer parts. You might have some luck there.

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    Just a note to advise where I found the replacement...will have it tomorrow!!
    DHM enterprises out of Sacremento....thanks to Ken.
    Tom I need one because my boat trailer is suffering the results of a wheel/tire deciding to go a diffrent direction that my boat/trailer was going. Rotors don't turn well on pavement so it becaqme flat on the bottom.
    I put new wheels on the ttrailer this spring, torqued them like 3 diffrent times to ensure everything was OK...well apparently something was not ok...
    Studs broke, wheel flew off...started a fire in the ditch, buggered the rotor...everything else is damage to the boat....

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    Did the boat and trialer survive?

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    This has caused me some serious stress.....
    Anyway, everything "survived"....the most important thing is the boat....there is some grease up the side, along with the some melted plastic, which comes off as soon as you touch it with your finger...may need a little polish.
    Fender is a little damaged, but nothing that is real critical right now...I will just trim off what is sticking out...(like 1/2 and inch of plastic)...loosen off the bolts and put the fender back in place, tighten it up and it is fine..something I will replace this fall/winter.
    Got a new brake rotor coming, need a new tire, so now it is all just $$$$$$$$$$

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