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Thread: Does your trailer have a spare tire?

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    Just wondering how many of you guys have a spare tire. My old boat did not have one and neither does my new one. Reason why is because I got a flat yesterday on the way to Lake Elsinore. Luckily we arrived in time to drop of the boat in the water, and took the trailer to a near by tire shop for repair. Lesson learned, I need to by a spare rim/tire anyone know of any places in the OC?

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    We tow about 3-4 hours on some bad roads to get to one of our favorite lakes. I carry 2 spares for my tandem axle trailer, and yes I've used them both on the same trip :hammerhea You never know what you'll run over :220v:

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    My trailer has a spare. I was always taught "better to have and not need, then to need and not have"

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    Troubles No More
    For us it’s a 10-12 hour trip from home to Lake Powell and we try to have a spare for every vehicle & trailer. One year on the way to Lake Powell with friends, we had a flat tire on the truck, the boat trailer and the jet-ski trailer and we were traveling at night.
    It’s better to have the spare and not need it then need it and not have it.

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    Where are you located in OC? Americas tire in Mission Viejo is a great place ask for Tom

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    oh yeah, cheap insurance policy.
    insures me from walkin! i hope!

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    We also carry two and have one at the trailer. My dad blew 3 tires on the way to the river one time. However, he was running carlisle (sp?) tires at the time. We left it on the side of the road, dropped our boat in and sacrificed the tires on our trailer to get his into Katherine. This was at 11 at night.
    Yes, we always carry spares.

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    I went 12 years with my old boat and tandem without a spare and without a flat, but I kept it stored at the river and seldom towed it further than Hacasu. Got the new boat and trailer last August and, because I am hauling this one occasionally from Lala land to Parker, I made sure it had a spare. Voila, we had a flat first trip to Parker. I'm a believer. They should be required.

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    Dr. Eagle
    The Ultra has a spare tire tucked up under the trailer with a pickup truck mechanism to drop it down.
    This is the first time I have ever had a spare, as with a tandem or tripple axle trailer all you really need is a length of chain and a shackle and a jack. I had a blowout on my tripple axle trailer and jacked the axle up and chained it up. Then I removed the blowout and threw it in the truck and towed it to a tire shop. As long as you are equipped this way, you won't end up walking. :idea:

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