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    Ol Yeller
    I posted this in Central forum, but this applies to all of us:
    Be careful out there peeps!
    I got stopped yasterday by 3 Game wardens. Did a saftey check on me: Passed...., then they made me do a sobriety test in there boat...Passed. Then they made me sign my boat over to a friend, took me to shore for more testing....Passed!....... Then they hand cuffed me, took me down down and made blow a breathalizer......twice......passed. ..again....Then they took me back to my boat and sent me on my way....3 hours of harrassment all together....and they ticketed me last weekend for reving up Ol Yeller in a no wake zone. I guess they have it in for that yellow and black boat of mine. WATCH OUT! THE MAN IS OUT FOR US THIS YEAR!
    Game wardens around her are infamous for doing whatever they want. It seemed to me they had full intentions on arresting me. I had my wife and kids left on the beach (they were cluless as to my whereabouts for 3 hours and had search parties out for me) and they wouldn,t let me call her, saying to me: Mr Durant, were gonna take this in steps and we will get the point where you can call your wife later. Also, they didn't take me to the closest dock for the 2nd set of field sobriety tests, Freakin' pricks went clear to the marina where they had a truck parked! They new they were gonna take me downtown! I dont know what thier trip is! Thank god I passed the breathalizer.
    PS: Thanks Stan for holding my boat off the dock for 3 hours.
    Freakin' pricks! If I was rich I'd spend $20,000 in lawyer fees to make a $500 point!

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    OHG!!! how awful!!! where did this happen?

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    Dr. Eagle
    WTF? Texas Fish and Game Storm Troopers? :220v: (play the imperial march here). What a story... Unbelievable!
    Did the Chief resemble this guy?

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    If you were truly harrassed without reason that ain't right. File a lawsuit against them if you can prove it. Otherwise it will just happen again to you or others. Cops (wardens whatever) on power trips are bad cops IMO.

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    Ol Yeller
    Scared the $hit out of me! Never did a breatalizer before but have heard they are very sensitive. The freaking sobriety test would of been hard for anyone anytime, Especially in a boat! I had a 6 pack over the coarse of an 8 hour day with a 1 hour break before hitting the water. I'm spending the next few weekends beer free just to see if I'm getting singled out.

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