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Thread: House for rent Memorial weekend

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    We were planning on going but with the baby this weekend and no Sandbar option and the channel restrictions I think we are going to pass. Our house is available the whole weekend. 150.00 per night, 3 night minimum and 100.00 cleaning deposit. 3 bed, 2 bath, lots of parking and about a mile from Windsor. Thanks for looking. Nick

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    Thats to bad you guys arnt going. If its still open Ill take it.

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    Thanks for the call Kevin. It's yours. Nice talking to you and we will get all the details worked out soon. Thanks again. Nick Johnson

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    If it doesnt work out for you guys let us know! My wife and I looking for a place for that weekend!

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    And if it doesn't happen for them, let me know. I would love to throw the biggest party that Havasu has ever seen at your house that weekend. LOL
    Nick, it was great seeing you again this last weekend, and congratulations once again on the new addition to the family.

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    Good to see you and Linda again also. That was alot of work with a 2 week old. None of our pontoon friends will be out there for memorial day so there is no place to put the baby swing. I will let you know if it becomes available but it sounds pretty locked up. Nick

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    Thanks Nick, I was just kidding about wanting it, and was just joking about the party. Wanted to get your heart to skip a beat thinking about your beautifull home getting thrashed.
    I am so done with the big holiday weekends, and all the hassles with launching and idiots.

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    We are done with that too but I just enjoy being out there so much that I put up with it on occasion. I knew you were joking but I am trying this new medication to control my emotions. How's it working? Hope to see everyone soon out there. Nick

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    Time for your injection, Nick..... :hammerhea
    Thanks again for the weekend!
    See ya later....Fore!

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    If anyone really needs a place to stay cause all the hotels are booked... Andy is gonna be the only one staying in our trailer at Crazyhorse... and it sleeps 10. Just an option.

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