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Thread: Pics from Havasu this weekend.

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    Hung out with Mandelum and met SD Lifesaver on Friday. They are some good peeps! Sorry Mandelum about my friend showing his ass. I took care of him for you!

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    Essexive G's
    Dread "X"

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    Thats his sig line

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    This Mandelum guy sounds like trouble

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    What the?????????????????How the hell do I get that "X" off and be able to show my pics???? Anyone know?

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    Sorry Mandelum about my friend showing his ass. I took care of him for you!
    This actually sounds pretty scary....

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    You guys were in front of us cruising through the channel? I remember this occurrence...
    I was temporarily was a case of plumbers butt meets Frenchie!!

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    I was next to you on the channel on Friday. My friend thought it was wise to drop his drawers to take a picture in front of your family. Being that I have 2 children of my own I EXPLAINED to him the importance of "common courtesy" and proceeded to give him an ass chewin' and cut him off for the rest of the day. I have full authority to do this since I am 6'2" and 225 and he is 5' 8" and about 150 soaking wet.
    Sorry again Mandelum! See you next time and I'll buy you a drink for the mishap!

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    I mean Mandelon............I guess I cant read! I'm lame!

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