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Thread: Gas from the Fuel Vent

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    Scarlett Fever
    I have a 99 Eliminator Daytona that I just purchased. I was filling it up at the pump for the first time and wasn't sure how much gas the previous owner had in the tank. When it clicked off at 26 gallons, I thought it was a mistake so I keep fueling only to realize it was full thus "topping it off". On our few days at the river I only used gas off of the left tank and when I got the boat back in I noticed I had gas spewed all over the right side of the boat coming from the right fuel vent. I unscrewed the fuel fill cap to the right tank and there was a ton of pressure built up. I figured that was the end of the story but it also did it on the way home (gas spewing out, pressure built up) and the next day just sitting in front of my house. Did this just happen because I mistakenly topped off or is this a bigger problem? Should I run the engine off of the right tank in my driveway for awhile to get the fuel level down? Help!

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    id maybe get a hose and siphon some out,no need to run the motor

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    I am working through that with mine. Although, I had prior experience with warm weather / topping off. The most I do in the summer is let the nozzle click off. Done. No more clicks.
    I have only filled mine once since I have owned it. This model boat (and I am sure there are others) tends to "burp" a crapload of fuel as soon as the nozzle clicks off. After doing some investigating, I found some "marine fuel tank vent surge-valves". Supposedly, they keep this from happening. I won't know if they work until the 27th out in Laughlin. That's the next fill-up.
    Here is a before and after pic of the vent line. The pic is of the driver's side, but the passenger side got the same treatment. :mix:
    If you want more info on them, let me know.

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    I have the same problem with mine. And what I found out is whne I fill it up and then it sits in the sun gas comes out (vented gas caps) The way I solved this was I dont fill the taks up all the way I cut it off before the pump clicks off. and this gives the gas room to expand before it comes out.

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    Scarlett Fever
    Thank guys, I guess I'll stop filling up all the way for now. If that doesn't work I'll try the surge valve. Thanks!

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    I should probably specify a little more. The surge valve would be just for the filling issue. If you do over fill, and don't allow enough room for expansion, they won't do a bit of good. It will still get past them if it is constant pressure. The check valve will just slow it down. Unless you are in a real humid environment, don't worry about topping the tanks after use. As long as you use it periodically, month to month, you shouldn't have a condensation problem. Here's a pic of the valve operation:
    Even in winter. I don't winterize, I drive it. We took ours to the lake on January 10th. It was 40 degrees and lightly foggy. 5 of us ran around the lake a few times with sweats, sweatshirts and jackets. That way, you don't have to try and keep the tanks full while it sits. Just another idea.

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    Scarlett Fever
    Yeah I think we are talking about two different things. I have no problems when Im filling up, its when the tank is full and Im running around or towing that gas starts to leak out of the vent on the side of the boat. I think I will just make sure to run off of both tanks so I dont leave one totally full

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    Yeah, mine is at fill up. Two other Heritage owners here on the boards have the same problem. The nozzle clicks, one or two seconds later, a quart comes shooting out of the vent. After that, it's done. Drove to the lake and launched, no fuel on side of boat.
    Your syndrome happens to airplanes quite often. They will fill up, and park on the asphalt. As the heat picks up and sun is cooking the wings (where the tanks are), you start to see fuel dripping or dribbling onto the pavement. Some will push out quite a puddle in an afternoon.
    I guess ultimately, you need a "catch can" in your vent line. a pint sized bottle or aluminum can with two 5/8" hose barbs on either end. The fuel could expand into the extra volume and then just get used whenever you run the boat again; or just drain back down the line into the tank when it cools.

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    Go ahead and top it off, just run a little out of both tanks and you won't have the problem.

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    crud fix, but I use a cap from a sun-screen bottle over the vent hole after
    filling my tank. I always have a paper towel, or rag ready when filling. I click
    and she's pretty close to full. 2 clicks more and I get fuel out of the vent.
    I push-on the sun screen cap, and wipe down if neccesary..(usually not)
    then, right before launching the first thing removed is the sun screen cap.
    --no spills on the hull.......... and she's definetely full..........

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