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Thread: Go West HammerDown...(ok maybe I will)!

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    ... should be in July for a visit, Huntington Beach area and traveling around and I know I'll be visiting Catalina Island.
    If this happens, it would be great to meet some of the people from this forum, have a cold one... or ya could just (tar-and-feather) me for editing you post here on the

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    Online airline tickets...any suggestions?

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    just call southwest.....

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    Phat Daddy
    Can someone please show this guy some love... hard crowd

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    You need to make your way out to Havasu if you want to meet some peeps! I'd be happy to cart you around for a day. I can get you a room pretty cheap too.

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    Online airline tickets...any suggestions?
    Yes. I think you should book a connecting flight through YVR - Vancouver INT'L Airport. Note the INT'L portion of that. Very important. :idea: Just my .02, HammerDown.
    I'll be duly jealous of everyone that gets to meet you. Still hope you have a great visit.
    Your forever ,

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    HD, for sure let us know when you're going to be in HB, we'll have a little get together for sure!!!

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    Thanks for the feedback...I was wondering where the *West Coast warmth was*
    Also I thought shopping online was the way to go for Airline would truly be awesome to me you >(hubba-hubba)...someday

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