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Thread: Public Apology to Lowriver2

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    As i sit here at 6am with a pounding headache and look at what I posted last night I realize I made a total ass of myself...
    Lowriver2, I apologize for personally attacking you last night. I have no explanation for it other than I drank way to much last night. You and I have gone back and forth a few times and I admit I was the one that started it...
    No, I won't leave these boards but I sure as hell won't post on them when I'm drunk anymore...

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    Sounds like a good IDEA!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reads more like your just embarassed because you almost got several ass whoopins and your still dealing with The Fear.
    Generally when you mention the word appology, you are expected to say the words, "I'm sorry".
    Now be a real man, take your ass to Lost Lake and appologise in person, then buy him a beer!

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    future boater
    Originally posted by HavasuBarney:
    Now be a real man, take your ass to Lost Lake and appologise in person, then buy him a beer!
    well said....

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    I wouldn`t worry about it. Please drink while posting here. I find it quite amusing.
    Besides, what you said is what most people now days feel towards the police. And I know I didn`t tell `em all to think that way.
    So hey dude, you pay taxes and you can voice your opinion about a public servant that works for you. And by the way, being critisized comes with the territory of being a law enforcement officer. Hell, I`m not putting a gun to there heads and making them do that for a living just like I`m not doing the same to a garbage man, or an astronaut.
    The only thing I don`t condone(I no you apoligized) is personnal attacks for something that is directed at a majority.
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    If you are serious and are sorry, fine. done deal.
    Here is an example if I was "high and mighty": Sandblasted, I could have my kids (if I had any) read any post I've ever written on the internet because I could explain what I wrote or why I wrote it, and have no shame. Could you do that with your daughter? Now, back to the real LowRiver, I don't give a crap about your life or how you live it, drop this perception that I look down on you, I DON'T CARE. Problem remaining is this, most people who say things when drunk say them because they somehow find the intestinal fortitude that they don't possess when sober. So, I think you still have a problem with me and just don't like me. That's fine, just remember, you know where to find me to tell me in person just how you feel anytime. I left a invite for you at the Havasu Barney board and I remain behind it and the other invite I left for your buddy GM Killer. I won't trash talk to either of you about cop stuff or Lost Lake here. Take it to the Havasu Barney board, Dark side forum, it is the appropriate place for discussing these things.
    Hoss, Your statements ring true for a lot of people on this board, this whole mess started because I tried to give the cop's view of things and it turned into the complaint dept. for every problem with cops. Final conclusion, It wasn't worth it for me to ever even discuss the reality of what is going on in law enforcement as many want to talk trash and hide behind their keyboards without actually discussing issues or reading why things happen or what the facts are.
    For all the folks who defended me or just squashed Sandblasted's flame job:
    Thankyou, nice to know who the friendlies are around these parts, I'll help any of you with anything or send a drink your way if your ever down on the low river.

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    Lowriver 2, hope you can back-up your last statement ! Personally, I think you better start calling for a back-up ICECHEST right about now cause come Saturday evening we-a-coming down to da races. We gonna bring some of the Parker strip crowd, try to get all of the Big River bunch, and last but not least maybe a few from Aha Quin. It's such a long, hot, dusty, DRY pull down there I know we gonna be really thirsty! By the way, does dinner go along with the silvers?

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    Hey, that's no problem, I don't know if I'll be there Memorial on Sat. night or Sun. night due to work. Either way, I'll have a case of silvers at the ready and IOU's if I run out, that sound fair?
    I'll email ya for mem. weekend,

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