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Thread: Chaparrel M.S. eat my a$$

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    Sportin' Wood
    Never in my life have I seen worse customer service. They will never get a cent of my money again.
    My wife and I drove out to Chaparrel Motor Sports tonight to buy our son a CRF70 for his birthday. We had a ball buying $300 worth of boots and apparel and figured we would get the bike on the way out. We figured that the advertised price of the bike was fair and it would only take writing a check and wheeling it out. WRONG!
    Price was advertised around $1300. That seemed fair and I figured another $130 for tax and lic. WRONG!
    $800 more in b/s fees. Every thing from assembly and prep. WTF. Assembly and prep? One or the other, not both. They also double charged for tax and lic. They wanted $280 for tax and lic. not $ 140
    On top of that they wanted 2% if I used my cash back mastercard. Angie says thats B/S what if I pay by check? He replies thats 2% also (check guarantee fee) What if I pay you cash? The asshole says "you want to drive around to save $20.00?" He said that if we didn't use their credit card, they would charge 2% more.
    I say "Look dude, I was quoted a price of about $1500 o.t.d. by another shop."
    "Maybe You should go there then!"
    Guess what A$$ hole not only am I going to go somewhere else I'm returning the $300.00 in crap I just bought.
    We go up to the counter and ask for a manager and the girl just rolls her eyes. Now I'm really pissed. Forget it just give me my money back!
    Chaparrel If any of you are out there.... EAT MY A$$.
    WTF does a salesman care if he can make a quick sale with no hassel? When I was in sales I would take any offer just write it up, get it done, and get back on the floor so I can sell some more. Not the clowns that work there. We had to interrupt two of the 8 that where standing around talking. BTW, isn't it the sales manager's job to tell me what the bottom line is?
    Oh well I've vented. Anybody know a good shop that I can buy my kid a CRF70 without using a Honda card?

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    Sportin' Wood
    Pretty sure it's also illegal to charge double sales tax. Not positive, but pretty sure

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    little rowe boat
    Try Burts Mega mall in Covina.

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    John Burr in Fontana. 1 909 823-1338 ask for Kirt. Chaperral sucks.

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    I hate that place. The only thing they have going for them if the "convenience factor" Forget about customer service, forget about calling them to check on a part, YOU WILL NEVER TALK TO THE PARTS DEPT. My suggestion is the support your local dealer and **** those greedy bastards. :devil:

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    I believe, and I'm not for sure, that it's illegal for them to charge a credit card surcharge if they'll allow you to use other credit cards with no charge. They can discount for the use of their card, but not the other way around.
    You are correct on this one.

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    Thats bs call tom goldbrick at whittier honda tell
    him Bob stanfield sent you he will work with you.
    he is the owner. its worth a try good luck.
    562 945-3494

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    Our friends have bought many bikes from L.A. Honda , they show the otd in the trader . So far that's what they have paid

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    Good luck on your purchase.... Just a little FYI normally advertisers are a loss leader and they will almost not service you if you want to buy one of the loss leaders or make you wait hours and hours to finally get it for that.... IF IT IS ADVERTISED they must give it to you for that price THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE QUICK but they have to give it to you.. Also check the fine print plus prep fee,plus tax plus lic etc if its not there in the fine print THEY CAN'T CHARGE IT... if you feel you were wronged PM me and if you want to take this further I might be of some help... Its the same in the car business try to get a advert. car and you just wasted 6 - 8 hours of your day to save 4 or 5 hundred even if you spend the time ( 6 -8 hours) someone who walks in and agrees to purchase the warranty (severly inflated) paint protection alarm wheels tire will get the car in less than an hour

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    My boss was going to buy a busa from them years ago got the same thing ad price was no where near otd he left and bought elsewhere.
    I had a bad experience at hahm motorsports too.went to oc honda and got the deal i wanted no hassle even at closing time on a saturday.

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