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Thread: HouseBoat tips !

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    LHC Kirby
    I have a houseboat trip coming up and we are looking for recipes, hints, tips, and suggestions for the trip - on Lake Powell - mid August. :idea:
    Some comments I have already heard:
    Anchors: bury them - secure them -over do it - I understand this part.
    Guests: bring ones that you expect will get along - Understand this one too
    Meals: this I could use a little help on, some suggest we plan each family have one or two nights of dinners - others say each family does 1 or 2 days of meals = B, L, D. - or combination.
    any suggestions of Do's and don'ts would be appreciated.
    Thanks :rollside:

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    I am actually off that whole week, where are you guys camping?

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    LHC Kirby
    First time to Lake Powell - and this is a fixed week. I am open to suggestions, i plan on getting a Banner for the back of the boat that simply say's "Kirby" to help find it and locate it for others.

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    LHC Kirby
    I will post and PM you - a cold beer waiting for you - favorite flavor?
    still open for more suggestions

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    My best tip would be to not let anyone eat beans. :crossx:

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    We do the powell houseboat thing and always split the meal preperation per family. We used to just bring the stuff per day per family, but now one person goes to costco with a list and we split the cost among us. We then have a chore chart and each family only has to cook or clean two days.

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    This is how you correctly pack the houseboat freezer.

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    I have done a few of these to Mead. Usually big trips. 40-50 people 4+ Houseboats.
    The way we did it was divide the couple up in teams. We were responsible for cooking & cleaning one dinner & breakfast for everyone. Then we were done for the rest of the trip.
    Make something for dinner you can prepare early & freeze. Spagetti sauce, ribs, etc. Lunches you were on your own.
    Everyone pitched in & all the food came out of the one budget.
    It helps to have someone really organized put the trip together. The girl that did it for us always got her trip for free. It was worth it.
    Also the best thing we ever did was bring a commercial ice macine with us. A bilge pump in the water for a supply line & all the ice chest stayed stocked.
    The most important was bringing the right group of people. It takes alot to get along for a week, when you can't get away.
    Beer is always good also, lots of beer.

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    Be shure the bar is in working order.

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    That looks like the Naked Turtle Powell style!!!

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