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Thread: Flowing Flame Arrester?

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    Anyone know if there is a flame arrester that flows decent? Currently K&N doesn't make one that will fit in my scoop. I had a Barbon that broke on the top. Running back to the ramp, with no flame arrseter, the boat ran much better. So, anyone have any ideas?

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    Contact hack job. I remember he saying that he had on the flowed better on the dyno than without one.

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    Brian call me today, I may have something that will work for you but we might need some machining

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    hack job
    Brian the one that taylorman is refeering too is the dual k&n one that i made and it also helped chris's motor pick up some hp. its a nice piece but i dont know if it will work with a single carb? dave had said they had tried testing one and it wasnt right. but who knows . i also have a barbon that you can gut if need be.

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    flat broke
    There were no issues with the K&N on single carbs, the issue was using the oval elements on dual carbs. But that is beside the point for Disco.
    Brian, since you're open engined, just gut all but the outer screen from your old SS arrestor. I know Randy did that and picked up a few R's from the extra flow, so it works. If you can find a K&N that will fit your app, you can always put a top and bottom together. Something I've been wondering about for all these guys running fiberglass scoops; why not make a K&N type element that fits in the opening of the scoop, secured by dzus fasteners on the side of the opening to a metal frame behind the element? Either that or just duct tape one of their "drop in" elements for a car airbox right across the opening of the scoop? Ghetofabulous, but it could be made to look cool if you were rockin an Autozone trucker hat while doing the instal and running the boat. Actually in retrospect, you would have to use an Airhog filter, put the sticker on your trailer and dash, AND rock the autozone black on black trucker cap while wrenching and driving

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    Hey Guys!
    What makes a flame arrestor a "Flame Arrestor" anyway?
    Is it the screen?
    I fabbed up something on my boat that I've always assumed is illegal. Basically, I took some regular household "air register" material and sandwiched it between 2 metal screens and called it good. Is this a flame arrestor, or do I need to be more specific?

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    To be a true flame arrester, I think it has to be approved by the Coast Guard. I have another Barbon, and will probably gut it. The K&N fellas don't make one that fits inside my lil SS scoop, so I'm out there. I have a fiberglass scoop for my boat that I may run soon but I need to work on the stuff to secure it (my aluminum guy just rolls his eyes when I tell him I have an idea for my floating Sanford & Sons advertisement). I was hoping that all you fast guys had run into an off the shelf application for the little hoopty boats out there. I know Graffrig makes a stainless one that's $160 but in the pictures it looks to be similar to the Barbon, just stainless. I'm just looking for the easy fix. :notam:

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    hack job
    i have one of those autozone trucker hats

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    flat broke
    I'm just looking for the easy fix. :notam:
    Turn the scoop around and forgettaboutit
    BTW, the Gaffrig one is just as you surmised... a fancy barbon deal.
    As for Taylorman's question: yes, the only reason the K&Ns are "flame arrestors" is because the USCG says they are.

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    It's the screening mesh that makes a flame arestor, and it's the darned stainless steel that gets a USCG approval. I have a K&N Filtercharger on my Taylor but, since the manifold change I made is taller, I had to buy the off-road non-marine one with the drooped base. Their approved ones are all flat-based. As is I had to build my hood with a 2" arch in it (I was not cutting out the hood or building a "dog-house"), the marine one would have been 1 5/8" taller yet. The Admiral would not approve & I'd be in the "dog house". Maybe one day I'll buy the SS lid with the USCG stamp on it and fudge my way but for now, I am illegal with darned good intentions (and a paranoid search for fuel leaks).

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