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Thread: Trying To Be A Stand Up Guy

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    a catered life
    i have to admit it since i have been a board member my eyes are open more to fellow boaters on the road i find myself stopping to help people in need more often than before but this past friday really may change my and the lady are going home friday and we are on pearblossom(for those who dont know its a really fast moving road in palmdale with high traffic and one stop sign) i see this old couple towing a boat broken down on the side of the road. i look at the wifey and she says "go ahead and turn around i know you want to" so i bus a u-turn in high traffic to check on these i drove past them to make a second u-turn and pull behind them i notice that their trailer is compeltely on the ground :frown:.........i pull behind their boat and see the woman of the two and begin to get our of the van and she begins to give me some real nasty looks.....i look back at my girl and she says to me "she's not going to be friendly" i say back to her "its cool i just want to make sure they got help and if not i will see what i can do to help". as i walk up to the trailer i announce my self a ad ask if they needed some help.........a older gentleman comes from behind the truck and before he can get one word out his mouth his wife says "we dont need any assistance" :yuk: i look back at the guy and hes looking at me almost ready to crap in his pants and i say to him are you sure and he says "the trailer just jumped off, we had the wrong ball on we need a 2" ball" i say to him that "this is a pretty sucky area to be broken down in but you are welcome to use my ball and move to a more secure area off this busy street" he says "we cant get the trailer up without a floor jack" and i reply "i only live 10 minute away and i got one if you want it" the wife jumps in again and says "we called our daughter and she will come" then the father says "but she coming from the other side of canyon country" and the wife cuts him off and says "we will be ok" so i say "ok' and leave
    two hours later i see these two still sitting on the side of the raod waiting so i think what a butthole she was
    the question to my story is i hate to play the race card but i must ask this
    does it matter what color you assistance is if their there to help you?
    i ask this question because the attitude the wife had with me and her body motions were very nastyand i hate to think my color was the problem?

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    Phat Daddy
    Don't let this change your ways. Some people are just A#$holes. You did the right thing by stopping and trying to help.

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    bunny 166
    I'm so sorry to hear that you met some SHITTY excuse for being rude to anyone who's stopped to help you!!! I hope it wasn't your race, but some people are still in another era, especially if they're sorry it happened to you, hun--I would have been so glad to see a friendly face Try not to take it personally, but I know that's coming from a white blondie who doesn't deal with too much of that stuff..... (except being called a dumb blond... )

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    sounds like they were just a-holes to me Willie

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    you know that guy wanted to tell his wife to stfup :messedup: dam pussy always gets in the way

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    a catered life
    What color are you?
    lets just say well tanned all over

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    AHH You must be white too. I've tried to help black people before and they have totally fcked me!
    Some people are just as sholes.

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    What you did was the right thing to do.You also need to remember there are a lot of bad people out there and you just dont know who you can trust anymore.Just do what you do and be yourself......

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    A catered life, you are a stand up guy. There is plenty of prejudice around and some people would rather burn in the desert than take assistance from others who are different than them. Kudos to you for trying to help those in need, itÂ’s a better place with you, you tried.

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    Black people boat
    It sounds like they were just assholes and they deserved to sit there on the side of the road for hours. I hope that if I break down on the side of the road someday, somebody like you would stop to help. You did the right thing by stopping. Keep it up

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