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Thread: Class Action Lawsuit ??

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Can I Sue Uncle Sam ????? :idea:
    for Fraud, Misrepresentation of Taxes, and Basicly filling us all full of SHIT ??
    I don't remember any votes for dissing out my taxes to the UN or anyone else in the 3rd world :yuk: never see anyone sending US Money :yuk:
    I believe ALL taxes paid should stay in the USA

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    I agree.... These billions in iraq make me want to puke....The way the cater to the f'in towel heads in custody in cuba and their stupid coran book with white gloves. Their more f'in courtious to these A-holes then to the people who pay their saleries....US the tax payers...All of this stuff is getting really out of control. How about the millions we pay to let Maria hop the border and spit out a frehole'a....For FREE!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile if I did'nt pay for health insurance i'd have to pay the shit back....The system is Fuct....I'm ready for Anarchy.

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    Does the coran book shows people how to make the caboom devices, cause the arab sure know how to do it well ?

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Yea, you can't spit on their Koran Book cause it is degrading to the prisoners,
    BUT can take an American Hostage and put a Bullet in his head in front of Millions on TV :yuk: and nothing is done about it :yuk:

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    Isn't political correctness just great :hammerhea

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