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Thread: Roosevelt Lake

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    full throttle
    Anyone been to Roosevelt lake lately? In surface acres, it now seems to be the size of Havazoo. Thinking about checking it out this weekend. I have not been there in many years.

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    I went up over mothers day weekend just to check it out.
    Here's a link to some pics:;f=14;t=4380

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    I went by there last saturday, there was alot of people running around up by the damn. Seemed like a nice place to spend a weekend on the water. I was more impressed by apache lake. I couldn't believe how many jet boaters where up there. It's nice to see some hot boats as opposed to bayliners...

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    full throttle
    Apache is awesome when it's full, but the road beats the krap out of your toys. I'll stick to the pavement, and keep my shit clean.

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    I hope more people think the way you do :wink:

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