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Thread: Anybody Ever Run One of These Extensions?

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    Have any of you guys ever run one of these? If so, what exactly are they good for? In other words, what set up situations might benefit from something like this?

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    UBFJ #454
    An extender like that makes the boat 'think' its longer ... The effect it will have depends on the type of hull and where the boats center of gravity is.

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    Looks like it will drop your thrust line an inch or two also.

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    I'm pretty sure Toddnjuzz has run one of those maybe he can comment.

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    Are they the same pictures, just two different views? Because they look a little different from the angle of the pictures like one is bigger on the bolt pattern but smaller on the second pic.

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    Anyone here have first hand experience with these?

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    Duane HTP
    Yes, they work similar to a Snoot. Bear said it. They make the boat act like it's a little longer. You gain more control of your boat's attitude. (more leverage behind the fulcrum).
    Either of these will help gain control without dragging your nozzle in the water so much. They usually work well in conjunction with some wedges.

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    Anyone here have first hand experience with these?
    Like I said, Toddnjuzz runs one, PM him for more info or maybe he will post on this. Here is a pic of his pump.

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    UBFJ #454
    Duane -
    I've been thinking about us investigating the usefulness of extensions (lengths ???, we have an old Berkeley 2"er, but, not sure it's long enough) on our pump ... The purpose: To get more of a 'Lever Arm' to help lift the back of the boat (as you know, she currently runs to wet in the back thus there's drag).
    What I think I like about the pure extension idea, if we decide to try various lengths, is that we would have the ability of adjusting things two different ways ... Wedging between the extension and the droop and wedging between the bowl and the extension. The latter would allow us to lower our thrust line (by lowering the droop/nozzle) to get more lift at the rear while at the same time lengthening the 'Lever Arm'. One bad downside I can think of is that if we get too aggressive, we could induce a significant amount of 'Bow Steer' ... Not Good.
    While going this route would introduce two new setup variables into an already complicated adjustment mix (keel shape, loader, shim & shoes - type & depth, ride plate length & angle, etc.), I'm not sure it might not be worth it given we're now to the point of 'Huntn Tenths' ... Your Thoughts? ... Comments.

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