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Thread: Kurtis 500 Questions

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    I am putting togather a kurtis 500 pf hydro,my boat only has one sponson skag under it (is this right?) does anyone with one of these boats have measurements from transom to motor and transom to v drive thanks alot thomas

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    oops, I forgot to get those for ya. Will have them tommorow.
    Yes, mine has only one skag too.

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    If you talk to Norm Grimes he will tell you the left skeg isn't needed. the boat should be carrying that throw some power at it!

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    I got some measurements.
    46 from inside transom to rear of motor block
    89 from inside transom to v-drive.
    These are best I can estimate by mounting locations since the boat and engine are dissassembled.
    Two things about the motor placement. I have a very heavy iron 392 hemi with a blower on top. I'm not sure what it weighs, but I know its alot. More than a chevy would. I also use a 3 blade cleaver which gives more tail lift. Where the motor sits is the best balance between the weight and lift of the prop.

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    I REALLY APPRECIATE THE HELP, I am going to put a blown injected bbc in next weekend , so hopefully with in the next couple weeks we will have results, THANKS A BUNCH FOR CLEARING UP THE SKAG? I just picked the boat up from fiberglass shop, had one stringer replaced, the other was good shape, and had the entire inside of boat gel coated grey, with black stringers , i will try to post pics before monday

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    BBC with factory iron heads and intake is about 675 lbs
    392 Chrysler is 735lbs iron heads Alum intake.

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    GREAT! It is an excellent boat. I cant compare between that and the 501 since I haven't driven both. But I know its a stable and fast boat. It requires some more hp to get the tail up unlike the Sanger hydro or the Mize I have. 10 seconds is too slow for the 500 and 9 seconds is minimum IMO. Anything slower it fights trying to lift the tail. It doesn't sound like you'll have that problem though. Mine is a light weight version, I can feel it flexing the entire time its in the water unless its sitting perfectly still.

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