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Thread: F150 4 X 4 Supercrew, 5.4

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    Anyone have any experience towing with this set-up? I'm probably going to be picking up one of these as a company vehicle.
    The truck is rated to to tow 9200 lbs, and my boat/trailer only weigh about 5000 lbs. Any comments would be appreciated, but please no diesel recommendations - it's going to be a company vehicle and beggars(me), can't be choosers....

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    Well mine's not a 4x4, it's actually lowered 4" but has the 5.4 with intake & magnaflows. Our boat is a 24'er (about 5-6000lbs loaded) and it tows just fine. We don't have many big hills/grades up here, but we've been pleased with it's performance.
    With what you're going to be worries. Just don't expect to cruise up the grades at 75mph.
    Good luck with it...

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    I had a 2000 model same set-up :smile: towed fine with little slow down on bigger hills

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    I have the same truck and hauling a 26ft'r inthe same weight range. You will not like the hills in it and braking is going to suck beyond belief. My truck is a 2wd. If I were you I'd check that rating also. I beleive when you have a 4x4 it's supposed to tow something like 7400lbs. The 2wd version I know hauls 8k max. I also upgraded my brake system with bigger rotors and 4 piston calipers. I'm personally thinking about stepping up to a 3/4 ton truck. Just don't like the idea of a payment again. If you are interested in brakes check out

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    The 2005 2WD is rated to tow 9500lbs. 4WD is 9200lbs.

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    CBLavey The 2005 2WD is rated to tow 9500lbs. 4WD is 9200lbs
    Sorry dude, I wasn't aware that it was going to be a brand new truck. That is a nice in increase in towing capacity from the heritage version though. In that case you might be o.k. Do you know what rear end gears are on it?

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    No worries...I can get 3.73's. It's definitely a bigger, heavier truck than the last model. Not the quickest, but I think it should pull well...

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    Hey do you ever do Perris lake? I have seen a boat like your there That's if it's the one in your avatar.

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    Must be another guy with a good looking Lavey....We usually boat on Mohave.

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    I have an 04 extendend cab 4x4 Lariat with the 5.4 . Honestly, I haven't been happy with the towing, or towing power. It does do fine on pretty flat surfaces but if it is alot of inclines and declines, then it will slow down on the ups and not want to slow on the downgrades. I have a 26ft Cat that seems to be alot heavier than the 5500 stated by the maker. Check out the Ford Truck Enthusiast Forums and read up on the F-150's. There is alot of good info there. Luckily I don't have the infamous vibration, or driveline problem that some owners are encountering. The best towing mpg i've seen is when I towed from San Diego to Pasadena and averaged 12-13 mpg. Last time from San Diego to Laughlin I averaged 8-9 and I don't drive fast, i'm a 55 stay alive kind of guy.

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