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Thread: Tongue Weight

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    Yesterday afternoon I brought home my utility trailer from a job. A couple of my caucasian, Bakersfield native, SDSU student, part time workers had loaded it. I popped the latch on the hitch and had to jump back as the trailer tounge lurched up towards my head.
    This just shows what life experience does for ya. These boys have zero clue about tongue weight, or balancing a load. The light stuff is in the front, the heavy stuff, obviously in the back... :notam:
    They set their work up by logically moving the light stuff further, and the heavy stuff not so far. Makes sense......sorta. I didn't watch it get loaded so more supervision was obviously in order....(My bad)
    I guess my point is that we shouldn't expect others to know as much as we do. We've all learned these things over the years, some by trial and error, some by watching others and even reading articles or web sites like this. I assumed that everyone knew this..
    Luckily no one got hurt and nothing was damaged. I will 'splain to them again how to load a trailer.....FYI put the heaviest stuff over the wheels, or slightly ahead of them. I believe the tongue weight should be 5 to 10 percent of the load...

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    That's much more critical on a single axle trailer as you found out. Single axles always scare me. I'm a big fan of overkill, especially when it comes to trucks and trailers.

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    Dave C
    I bet they have enough skills to tap a mean keg of beer though. :wink:
    A couple of my caucasian, Bakersfield native, SDSU student, part time workers had loaded it.
    well look on the bright side... at least they didn't give you the "no habla english" routine afterwards! :hammer2:

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    Bakersfield native, have zero clue
    What more needs to be said? :notam:
    Managing kids is the most challenging thing I've ever done. Was I ever as clue-less as them, yes I was. Fortunately I kept my mouth shut, and tried to quitely learn.
    Aint it fun?

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    Glad to know that you did not get hurt, luckily you were not straddling the tongue or had your head in the wrong spot.

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    Tongue load is more important to women then men.

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    touge weight = fat chicks :2purples:

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    Tongue load is more important to women then men.
    I don't know about that................ever had a two ton o fun sit on your face :idea: :jawdrop:

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    , luckily you were not straddling the tongue .
    What kind of thread is this?

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    I like to see the difference in replies.
    Jorrdy knows safety is important,
    Dave remembers his college days fondly, if somewhat clouded by alcohol,
    Racer laments the difficulty of parenting,
    Lighting is concerned for my safety, (Thank You)
    and Phebus and Lucky just think about sex.

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