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Thread: Berryessa Memorial Weekend???

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    Ok, anyone going to Berryessa for the holiday. I'll be there on Sat. You'll find me tied up at the bridge next to the 24 Ft. cabin cruiser w/ the big Confederate Flag flappin in the wind. Stop by and say hi!! Then on Sun, I'm off to Red Bluff...

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    Robbie Racer
    BRA, Rocket-J and I will be camping out at Steele Park again for that weekend. We will keep an eye out for you under the bridge on Saturday afternoon.

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    keith I will probably come up saturday, see how it goes. I have no plans for the rest of the weekend, just play it by ear . will see ya saturday anyways

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    Lookin forward to seein you guys. I'll keep a few cold for ya, and I'll have a big bag of beads...

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    Dave C
    gonna be there, Steele Park Camping Fri-Sunday/Monday.
    See you guys there

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    Hi Keith, I'm not sure if I'll have my new jet in by then, but I'm going to give it a hell of a try. If not maybe I'l come over to steele park and party with you and Al Sat. night. It rained from 8:30 tuesday night until late last night never stopping. The creek at R-Ranch was over flowing. So the lake will be even higher than last weekend. I can't believe how much rain we have gotten this year here. Let alone that it's like winter here in late May. Maybe the Glory Hole will be a differant color this time.LOL :rollside:

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    Robbie Racer
    Sounds good Ken, see you on that Saturday. Are you going to have a fuel pressure regulator on by then? Glen worked on my broken out drive today. As we suspected it was the prop shaft that broke but it took out the lower gears at the same time it let go. $600 in parts and $400 labor. It was another BOAT weekend. :frown:
    Dave, look forward to seeing you again at Steele Park. We probably won't get up there until Saturday noonish or so.
    Brian, sounds good. Looking forward to partying with you again. We should have room if you want to ride with us that weekend if you don't get yours back together by then.

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    I talked to Don about the regulator and probably wont have one on by then. Im going to see what size power valves are in the primaries and maybe go bigger and check jets go smaller and play with fuel metering screws first.
    I'm just a dip, cuzz I have no return line thats my pressure gauge line that I for some reason thought was my return(head up Butt mode), but I was sick that weekend,lol. I may bring my 30 and see what the numbers are on it at 5k compared to the 28. Don thoought the numbers were ok for having the 28 on there, he said should be closer to 96 or so with the 30. after this weekend I have to figure out my p/s belt issue 1st.

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    Dave C
    cool see you guys there. You bringing "the machine?" I gotta check that bad boy out.
    We will have the motorhome (27 Tioga) and the whole crew with us.
    Don't know my spot # but its close to the store.
    Should be a good one!
    BYW is the lake that full that its to the glory hole (I can't say that word with a straight face) :supp:

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    Robbie Racer
    Ken, I think a return bypass fuel regulation system is the best way to go but if you don't have a by pass line at least a pressure regulator between your carbs and fuel pump should reduce your 6 psi to 12 psi fluctuations a bunch and help keep it from loading up when it gets to 12 psi at an idle.
    Dave, yeah the water level was just an inch or two over the glory hole rim (LOL) last weekend and it should be even higher by memorial weekend with all the extra run off. I'm not sure what space Rocket-J has but I think it's pretty far down the other end away from the launch ramp end. I will be bringing the Carrera and Al will have his 24' HTM. Only 7 more days. I can hardly wait. Look forward to seeing you guys next Saturday.

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