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Thread: Here's our new truck

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    Mrs Big Boy Toys
    I think it's an awesome truck..

    Yea I know I'm short.

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    Kim Hanson
    You said it, not me...Shorty...j/k Cool looking truck though, you need a ladder girl...Or a boost, to get in !..........( . )( . )...... wink

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    Lady Rat Attack 1
    Cool truck. Kinda fun having something high and a four-wheel drive to boot. I LOVE my Blazer. I feel I can just drive right over anyone. Have fun

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    Mrs Big Boy Toys
    Very funny Kim...hahaha.
    Yea I love driving 4x4's all that power and the ability to drive over things and not get stuck...

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    Is that the New Roundy-Round puller...Looks Nice.

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    Yep Sangster. We will be having it repainted sometime this next winter to match the Biesemeyer. Black with purple flames and a checkered flag Should look nice when it's done. I have it in the shop right now getting some new tires put on....Getting rid of the noisy, rough riding Swamper TSL's and going to an all terrain type tire for better driveability (and so I can hear something else other than the tires when I'm going down the street eek! )

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