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    Not trying to start any chit but I know nothing about them. Any pros or cons out there? A guy from work is looking at a boat with one of their motors in it and was looking for a little feed back on the place. Anyone with any info and experiances. Thanks in advance. BTW it's a 540 built to put a blower on but right now just has a single Dom on it.

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    Which boat is it? Do you have a link?

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    I don't know much about thier work but I have bought a lot of parts from them and they have always been fair w/ me.

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    Thanks oknozelman. Just looking for feedback from people on their service and product. Anyone else have any pos or negs. Right now there is no link to the boat.

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    Speedin' Ian
    They are right around the corner from me and seem to build pretty nice motors, I have talked to them a couple times and they seem like alright guys. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one of their motors.

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    They always have a bunch of race boats & the like for sale in the Powerboat Magazine classifieds. Looks like they're pretty active in the racing scene.

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    I went to HS with Alexi from Boostpower years back and he always was putting together some amazing stuff....even back then as a teenager. Now he's in it full time as an experienced professional engine builder/boat racer and I would bet that he's doing some pretty nice work. They're up there with AZ Marine & other builders like 'em from what I've read & heard from others.
    good luck......

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    Thanks for the input guys. At least no one had anything bad to say. Got a PM backing them up also. Thanks again. Cale

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    Alexi very helpfull and honest guy bought alot of stuff from him in the past
    will give you the best deal in town if you pay CASH!!!

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    They Suck!!!!!!
    They Cost My Son In Law About $5,000 Because They Didn't Include Severe Duty Valves In A Set Of Heads They Sold Him. While These Were Paid For, They Were Not In The Heads. Because The Heads Were Delivered Complete, We Only Assumed That We Got What We Paid For. It Has Been 3 Months And They Have Not Even Tried To Made It Right.
    So As Far As I'm Concerned They Are Ass-holes!!!!!!

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