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Thread: Beginer (need help)

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    Have a 20' open bow,
    Setting up new system, the company I work for is a Rockford dealer.
    I am getting a amp = P10002, 4 subs = M110S4 & 6 mids = M162C
    I already have a Kenwood 500 watt amp for the mids, will this all work together and how many batteries will I have to run ? These guys here all tell me that it is going to hit hard, but would like other opinions. Pricing was through the dealer package, so all the R/F equipment cost was $ 520.00 so if a little more is needed I am not broke.
    Thanks for any and all help.

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    A 1kw amp running 4 subs will pound....
    Your battery count depends on how long and hard you want to play.... I'd start with 2 stereo batteries and 1 battery dedicated starting battery....

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    Thanks for input. We are hooking it up tonight so will find out pretty quick.
    Will start off with the 2 radio battery's for now and see how that holds up.

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