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Thread: Don Ermshar's BGF "Illusion"

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    I'm looking for pictures of one of Don Ermshar's old boats from the 1980' is called "Illusion" and ran in Blown Gas Flat class during this was a multi-colored Canyon flat and had the number #673 on the side...i did happen to see one picture someone posted on this site in Hud's v-drive pictures...i purchased this boat last summer and is in the process of being restored to its former new condition...any help with pictures would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!

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    And you are gonna F it all up by putting a piece of crap hemi in it.

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    No Tony..i thought i'd F it up with a ford or chevy!!!

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    Cool another Mopar guy.

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    Monkey Bung
    Is that a canyon?

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    I was going to post a picture of the motor that boat needs, but something is wrong with the picture gallery.
    547 Indy headed-maxx block

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    chevykiller426 is a 572 cubic inch alcohol injected Ray Barton HEMI....Terry

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    wsuwrhr is a 572 cubic inch alcohol injected Ray Barton HEMI....Terry
    That will work too.
    I am guessing you are using the Mopar Mega block if it a Barton motor.

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    Mopar Pro Stock HEMI block(same one the drag racers use)...

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