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    I'm wondering if anyone can explain the proper way to ground the gas tanks, both aluminum and fiberglas. I'm finishing up on my Spectra and noticed the tanks don't seem to be grounded. I thought there was a wire wraped around the fiberglas tank then attached to something metal that has contact with the water. Kinda concerned about the static electricty thing.
    Thanks for any info.

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    The fiberglass tanks did not have fuel senders. I dont know how you would ground them. When I change my tanks to Alum. IMCO had already installed a sender with a ground.

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    Don't forget, it's always a good idea to run a ground wire to the gas fill as well as the tank. Just run a - wire from the loom to one of the mounting bolts for the fill.

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    Thanks for the info. I ran a 8 gauge wire from the gas fill to the brass fitting on the fuel pick-up on the tank and from there to one of the attaching bolts on the transome ring. I just didn't know if I was on the right track.
    P.S. SPECTRABRENT, Did you get some pictures of my spectra I sent to your email address?

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    NO, I did not. PLease fax again to
    Also, did you see the message board post about the Spectra outting @ Bluewater Casino in Parker, Az. June 20 & 21.

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