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Thread: Thanks Wes and Trident boats!!!

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    Thanks Wes,
    Your stainless part just tried to cut off my hand while I was deburring it.
    I broke my digital camera last week and I haven't been able to get it fixed, so no carnage photos.
    I had to go out to Walgreens at midnight for some butterfly stitches and margarita mix....

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    walgreens now does butterfly stitches? wife never said anything about that
    new service!

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    Sounds like user error to me

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    Geez, next time get your parts without burrs.....duh! :hammer2:

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Might wanna try cutting back on the Margaritas while working :idea:

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    Tom Brown
    Your stainless part just tried to cut off my hand while I was deburring it.
    Was Scream holding it?

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    Well, what can I say. Proud to be a part of it I guess.
    Goes to show you the dangers of drinking heavily around heavy machinery.

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    The margaritas were after the injury.
    Dammit. laughs

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