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Thread: Jet Pressure, Regulator, Header Plumbing

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    I have a '77 Hawaiian with a 460 and a Jacuzzi Jet. There is a gate valve at the pump for the block water feed line. Is this enough to regulate flow to keep the pressure safe? Do I need a regulator? What is safe pressure? Safe Temperature? I have Hardin logs now but want to upgrade to water injected headers. When I do this how do I plumb the water lines. ( I am familaiar with how to plumb a v-drive for wet -headers) Speaking of water-injection, how does one choose the right size restrictor nozzles. Also has anyone ever tried to use header adapter plates like they sell in some of the performance boat catalogs? ( i.e. Chevy-Ford) I also have a 78 Barracuda v-drive with a 454 roller. I have kept costs low by using MSD ignition for both boats so I swap control boxes, coils and even plug wires! Carb, fuel pump and battery switch out too! I would like to run my BBC Basset headers on the Hawaiian, that is why i ask about the adapter, I'm not woriied about power losses as the Hawaiin is the cruiser and the Barracuda would be the racer. Are there any online resources with plumbing schematics? Thank-you for answering any one of these questions.

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    Hmmm...seems to me that ur goin' thru alot of work switchin' parts back n forth between boats...why dont u just keep the logs on the 460...since its just ur pleasure boat & then get a new distributer & coil & wires & carb etc...and have alot less hassles when u want to take ur boats out...u could even take both of them out if u wanted too!...Squirtin' Thunder is the Ford man & he could prob hook u up with the parts u need for the 460 reasonably...there are others on here also who run Fords...just ask...they are all helpful...just my 2 cents..."simple is better"

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    Yes it may seem like trouble but we only have five races a year and I m only in town for three. I like the idea of component switching, as I have a 1990 M-B 300e with a SBC and a 1987 M-B 300d with a BBC. I like the fact I can switch most components between all my rides.

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    Can anyone help with the pressure/temperature question?

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    rich seibert
    if you buy a set of headers the usually come with a tee that has a ball & spring that regs the water to the headers, comes on a little above idel
    as far as jet drive, there is a pressure relief valve available, it just odd shape tee that has a ball and spring that you can adjust
    they are very much the same as a electric hot water heater relief valve, from the local plumbing supply
    or i just put tee in line rite after the gate valve going to engine, make the tee port is smaller size dia. than line going to engine,dump it out the back or side than you will continus bypass, i had all kinds over the years, this works best for me,
    keep a close eye on water temp 180 190

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