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Thread: Exhaust fittings

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    John Klask
    I am new at Big block jet boating and I have a few questions maybe someone could help me with.
    1. The 2 fittings on the collectors of the Rewarder headers(water injected) are capped off. What do they normally connect to and is it a good idea to connect them?
    2.I need to do some work on the stringers. Can I pull the engine without removing the pump?
    The boat is a 19 ft.1978 Taylor SJ with a built 454 and a Berkeley 12jf pump.

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    fat rat
    John, I think they are probally an evac system onced used to help relief crank case pressure. Yes you can pull your engine without pulling the pump....disconect driveline and cover. Good Luck

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    fat rat is right. the capped fittings should be connected to the valve cover breather holes via a rubber hose. Moroso makes a kit that includes breather which allow you to connect a rubber hose to them. Good luck.

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    John Klask
    I guess there is no danger of water going back into the valve covers is there?

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    John welcome to jetting your engine is hooked to your pump with a c.v. type drive shaft this shaft is splined on the pump end so with mounts wiring etc loose the motor should just pull forward off the spline to come out

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