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    For A Run Down My Uncle Took The Boat For A Few Days And He Said It Started Makin A Knocking Noise So We Pulled The Motor And Its At Burbank Marine Right Now And What Was Told To Me Friday So Far Is That The Oil Pan Didnt Have Baffles In It. What Are The Purpose Of Baffles. Should Find Out More Today On The Rest Of The Problem. Anyone Have This Problem Before. Its A 460 Looked To Be Pretty New. When It Was Bought They Said One Of The Cylinders Was A Little Low. What Would That Mean And What Problems Could That Potentialy Cause.

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    Speedin' Ian
    From what I understand baffles keep the oil in the right places when you are racing around. As far as the cylinder is concerned, one may be low on compression.

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    Baffles are important but id also make sure you have a windage tray as well. What you might have done is ariate(SP) your oil and lost oil pressure which caused your problem.

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    I ran my 460 hard with a stock pan (no baffles or windage tray) for years and never had any problems. I've got buddies with 460s that are still running hard with stock pans and they're o.k. too. Although it's nice to have a bigger pan with windage tray and/or baffles, and a rear pickup (I do now), but IMO you'd have to pound on it pretty hard to oil starve it with the stock pan (unless the oil level was low). Lots of 460s out there running around with stock pans.
    Knocking I'd think bearings. As for the guy referring to a low cylinder was probably referring to a compression check and subsequent low pressure on that particular cylinder. It's likely rings or valves and is probably about due for head work and/or a rebuild.
    Welcome to boating.

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    Ken F
    Most Ford car engines have what is called a "front-sump" oil pan.
    Yours may be like this. If you think about it, when your out on the lake, and your oil is hot & thin and you stand on your loud pedal, all the oil is going to run to the rear of the pan away from the pick-up tube in the front.
    Possibly what has happened?
    Ford also makes a Rear sump pan for the 460 which would be the wise way to go for a boat. that way, when you stand on it and the bow rises, all the oil is going to run to the rear of the pan where the pick-up tube is.
    As Squirtcha? said....there are lots of boats out there with stock pans. Mine had one up until this year, and in 12 years of running BBF's I've never had a problem on a relativly mild engine. I"d definatly recomend at least going with a rear-sump truck pan for a boat however.
    KEn F

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    Getting away without having baffles is one thing, but I found out the hard way what not having a windage tray "could" do. I have a 10 quart pan (only running 9 quarts) with baffles and trap doors but didnt use a windage tray. After about 10 seconds WOT the oil pressure would go away to almost nothing, added a windage tray and wallah problem solved. Not saying everyone needs on but for the extra 50 bucks when putting a motor together why not, you never know.

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