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Thread: ...not a good weekend

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    Friday afternoon I get a call from someone and was told there was a bad motorcycle wreck about a 1/4 mile from my shop, and the guy was asking for him to call me. Turns out it was a good friend of mine. He took a turn too wide, got into some loose gravel on the shoulder and ran through some posts with that thick cable that is strung through the posts. Why they have that there, I don't know... but instead of crashing the bike and walking away, the cable sandwiched his leg between it and the bike, and he lost that leg just below the knee. They airlifted him to the hospital but couldn't save his leg. He is an awesome strongwilled person and I'm sure he will come out of this just fine. At least he didn't lose his life, which leads me to Sunday afternoon. We were all out at the lake with a few boats. Around 5pm my nephew takes two of his friends for a ride. My son and my girlfriend were supposed to go along also, but certain circumstances at the time didn't allow it to happen. There are a number of witnesses and all the stories match up pretty close. They were running along around 40mph, the two passengers were sitting on top of the rear sundeck, instead of in the seat. The boat hit a couple of large wakes and pitched the boat to the side, and the other two were thrown overboard. Anyway, to make a long story short, one of them, Brian Thomas, never came to the surface. He was only 20 years old and one super nice awesome person. Divers are still searching but have found nothing. Me, my son, my nephews, and needless to say his friends and family are devastated. I'm just sitting here wondering why things like this have to happen to such good people, it's just not right...

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    Sorry to hear this Ratso, I feel for you right now.......

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    sorry to hear about that....

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    bunny 166
    I'm so sorry Ratso....20 is too young to go.... :frown:

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    Wow...I am so sorry to hear about that :frown: Why were they not sitting in seats??

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    Ratso, that is terrible...just dreadful news...both stories....My condolences go out to the families affected by these tragic events.

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    Sorry to hear the bad news.... Prayers go out....

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    Sorry about your friends.My prayers are with you and friends....Another lesson to learn.Sit in the seats thats what they are for..........

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    thoughts and prayers are with ya bud.....

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    Shit Like That Soo Sucks
    Thoughts And Prayers To Yours And The Family

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