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Thread: How fast with Bimini up

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    How fast do you drive when you have your bimini top up. It was blazin hot this weekend and managed to bust up my bimini. Hope they can fix it, $1500 is alot of money for a new one. :cry:

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    I try to keep it below 60 with the top up.

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    Most will have a warning not to go over 50 MPH.

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    Driving with the top up is not an option.....

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    I don't push it past 50. At that speed the top is like a parachute & moving all over the place.

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    Mauricio in Dana Point made us one for the Cig that was rated to 80 mph... and since the Cig only ran in the low 80s the poor little bimini got dragged around that fast. Didn't have any problems at all! Maybe Mauricio could make you some different supports for it? Let me know if you want his number, he did our cockpit cover, full cover, and bimini for the Cig ~ top quality work!!
    Good Luck!

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    We were only going about 35 when our bimini blew apart - the pole came flying back and hit my 4 year old son right across the forehead! Needless to say - I was pissed off, my boat manufacturer got an earfull from me too - but they replaced the bimini - no charge. Luckily my son was not seriously hurt, just a bruise and some fear of the rear seat.

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    We busted ours on the old boat doing between 50 and 55. We rarely used it though.
    New boat doesn't have one.

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    75+, but its all stainless stuff and all the screws are tight and its thru bolted no wood screws. that is the KEY. slite down angle in front. but I would say 50/60 max.

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