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Thread: Boat lettering/painting

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    bear down
    Need someone good to do our name and AZ numbers on our boat. We have our boat in Murrieta and would to know if someone will come over and paint our name on the back as well as the AZ #'s. Any recommendations???

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    The guy that does it for shockwave is the best I have seen so far...
    he is a freelancer.. Call and ask for his number

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    I have called a few different people, and no call backs. If I get someone, I will let you know - I am in Canyon Lake....maybe we can get a group discount?
    Let me know if you get someone!

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    Memo, 3M vinyl is nice. I have a vendor I use from work.

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    I have a friend in Pomona that does ausome work either in vinyl or he can airbrush it on send me a message and ill get you his # if you want

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    Get it done in Havasu, Pat Kuntz is the man.

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    Bob Thompson. I believe he lives in Rancho Cucononga. He's good. 909.987.4424

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    Bob Thompson, He is doing our boat next week....

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    Phat Daddy
    Bob Thompson, He is doing our boat next week....
    hEY RB, you got ahold of Bob? Tell him that he did my boat a few weeks ago at Dana. Maybe you'll get the buddy deal :wink:

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    I don't know about the buddy? But if you can swing go for it.

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