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Thread: Another 460/carb ?????

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    Kamakazi Ken
    Does any one know of the proper adapter plate for a stock 460 intake to a Holly spread bore with vac 2nds, the one that came with the boat( just bought last mo.) leaks like a sieve, creating lots of tuning headaches!!!!

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    Go to any auto parts store and they should sell one. Or just take the one you have to a machine shop and they can mill it flat.

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    Kamakazi Ken
    Mister460 I hoped you would reply.
    I tried that one, But I live out in the sticks and our local Car Quest guy has all ready ordered me three adapters and they were all wrong. The one I have is usless, a cheapy from Mr. Gasket. I did find one from Jeg's online but with a 2" spacer witch is what I would like, but they did not go into enough info online to make me feel like it is the correct one. any addl. info will help.
    Thanks, Ken.
    Like to get on the water soon!

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    K. Ken,
    Call Jegs, those guys are very smart. tell them your problem and they will help. I have called with questions and found them to by nothing but helpful. http://free.***

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    Kamakazi Ken
    Thanks Parky
    I'll call them today.
    Mr460 I sent you an e-mail we have somthing in common, I'll talk to you soon

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    I use a 2" spacer that is square. It came with the four bore holes. Ron Sporal at Sporal Racing here in Louisiana made the bottom 1" a spread bore. The top 1" is still four hole with the vortex line still in them. He only chrge me 25 bucks to do this.

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