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Thread: Droop snoot gasket?

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    Just built a tunnel hull jet with 500 horse 502 engine and a american legand pump with droop snoot and place divertor. still in the break in period and it has blown the gasket between the jet and the snoot. What is the best way to seal this? Also the person who built the engine did not install a pcv valve, instead they just put in breather caps, I was going to install a pcv valve what are your thoughts? Thanks

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Make sure that the bolts are not bottoming out that hold the PD on. and put silicone on the gasket. PVC valves are for crankcase pressure and smog equiptment. You don't need it Budlight

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    You should not need silicone. Make sure your bolts are good and tight.

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    Use grease on the gasket. You will be able to reuse it next time you take the droop off for maintenance.

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    cut an o-ring groove into the bowl and forget about gaskets and hassles forever. i did it on mine and love it. i can send you the dims if you are interested.
    please post pic of your new boat!

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    Legend pump does not use a gasket at the nozzle just an oring. Also you must be using a Legend droop. Others don't fit.

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    I am going to post pictures, but I have not figured out how to do it yet.

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