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Thread: Excessive Engine Clearance problems

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    Mighty Thor
    I seem to have excessive clearance between the rocker arms and the valve stems. according to some on this list that may result in less than peak proformance and Moisture collecting on the inside of the engine. I am begining to think all those guys might be right.

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    hey thor,you might want to catch that pushrod before you got to pull the intake too!, did you loosen them or were they like that when you took the valve cover off?they look adjustable to me,you might want to RE adjust them.

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    Mighty Thor
    They were like that when I pulled the valve cover, which I did cause it was running crappy, popping through the intake and sucking water into the oil. What is just as bad is that most of the rest of them are really loose also. I was planning on swaping the intake at some point anyhow so now I am going to pull the top end apart and make sure it is done right.

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    holy crap, yea id say they are loose. if thats how it was when you pulled the valve cover, you have some issues to take care of for sure. especially on that one cylinder. no pushrod at all on the exhaust and the intake rocker is off the valve stem. id be surprized if you werent missing the lifter on that exhaust too if it was ran like that. pull it apart and get someone who has the knowledge to help you out.

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    Something else to check, Set the lash at 0 and roll it over, check the lift at the push rod, compare it to others, intake to intake, exaust to exaust. It may have a lobe gone thus explaining the pop out the carb. I have a BBC in the shop right now for that. Same symtoms, From experience "to much" hydrolic cams just ain't what they use to be... going roller from now on :notam: :messedup: Mike

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    Mighty Thor
    I opened up the engine and discovered three bent pushrods, two lifters had spit out thier guts and all of the rocker arm nuts were only finger tight. I will have to check to see if any of the valves are stuck or not but it looks like some dummy put this engine together without setting the valves. Now I am worried about what else may not have been done. I am torn between just fixing the stuff I have found or pulling the engine and starting from scratch so I know what is and is not done.

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    I am torn between just fixing the stuff I have found or pulling the engine and starting from scratch so I know what is and is not done.
    I know what I would do to maintain my own peace of mind...

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    With all that water in the oil, you may have flattened a bunch of cam lobes. That would explain all the loose tolerances. :cry:
    Take that intake manifold off and post a pic!

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    Mighty Thor
    Duane suggested that the water might be due to the valve problem, said fords are prone to that. I'm here in Montana and our boat season is short so I would like to get this thing done ASAP, but cash is tight right now cause property taxes just got paid so this is the worst time to try to pay for a full on build. Rats!

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    I think as a minimun I'd pull her down far enough to check the cam lobes as advised and then de-doo the top end myself. I don't know if the rocker nuts could loosten on their own but, just in case, on my 454, once I install my full valve springs (another 6 to 8 running hours) I'll be putting my waiting set of polylocks on. I'm only running the outer and dampner and, after buying new long-slot rockers to go with the new cam, am still breaking the whole works in with lighter pressures.

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