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Thread: Mufflers

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    IMCO Gatlins?.... Gibson?
    Any others?

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    Rex Marine Power Silencers

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    Sane Asylum
    Just installed the Gibson clamp-ons for stock 496's.........Well built, fairly easy to install......Haven't had my DB's checked yet though.....
    I'm happy but I'm taking em' off in AZ......

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    IMCO Gatlins?.... Gibson?
    Any others?

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    IMCO Gatlins?.... Gibson?
    Any others?

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    SHAKEN Not Stirred
    IMCO Gat's......

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    Look great, somewhat reasonably priced copared to the Gatlins and they passed easily for me with twin 496's
    I did the Cyclone Short Barrels, Through Transom ask for Frank (owner)
    they may turn out to be the first and possibly only approved by Merc for warranty purposes in the very near future

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    I got some big Eddies Marine mufflers installed at All Star Marine in Havasu. Took my 496 Mag HO down to 83db. I couldn't feel any performance difference.

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    i installed eddie marine clamp ons with no power loss.496ho im now at 85dbs.

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