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Thread: ACLC crusin the channel in his new Lavey

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    Hey Allan, is that lavey's new tunnel or are they bringing back the tri hull? Nice flames, looks fast. Maybe you can give the "hammer down" boat a run for his money!

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    nice work there Bre

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    Actually, check out the "EGGBEATER" it looks more like a DCB Mach 22.

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    aclc that pic came out of the "hammer down/tony stewart" camp. You should have a good mental picture of my "eggbeater" since its always out in front of your monster! I heard it was madness up there this weekend

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    It was out of control! I had a crappy time. Never again.

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    we went to pine flat lake up near fresno, good time up there. should of went there, you could of had the hottest boat on the water. since you didnt go, i got to have the hottest boat on the water...thanks! I have been reading about the lines on the ramps, the wind/rough water, and the accidents.....hoilday weekends suck

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