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Thread: GOT MILK??

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    Coming up with milk on the dipstick of my BB FORD. Aside from any FORD jokes you Chevy guys can hardly hold back, is there anyone who could shed a little light on this for me?
    Had motor pressure checked, looked good. Seems to run fine but I keep getting milk. If I change oil after every trip am I really asking for it? Please help!!!

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    check your spark plugs look for a clean one if your very lucky thats a clue for wich head gasket is leaking if no clues chang them bolth thats the best thing to do any way could you have to much oil and its wiped or your shure its milky and if your really lucky nothing is cracked when there off magna flux them cheap insurance dont do it twice whats wrong with fords i drive one every day ---but not in my boat are you crazy--nasty good luck

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    and almost all jets have a little milk in the top off valve covers thats no big deal nasty does it often you should always store it with valve cover vents open to let out condensation out-but its doesnt change the intire oil pan to milk---nasty

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    Old Guy
    I won't pick on your ford if you don't pick on my olds. I had the same problem after I changed impellers (went from A to AA). After replacing head gaskets 2 times, I stuck a guage in intake manifold water passage. Seems like it read about 35 lbs. I put a relief valve in my supply line at set it for about 10 lbs...end of problem. I also had a problem with the timing cover. On my olds it is also used to seal off part of the cooling system. Loose bolts were the problem then. Of course running the motor real cold can make quite a bit of condensation, but it sounds like you maybe got more than that. Good Luck

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    It may be leaking into the valley at the crossover in the intake. That's gotta come off before you look at the head gaskets for starters, so look for gasket failure in the intake manifold first.

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    Thanks guys @ least you've given me somewhere to start...

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    I had a friend with water in the motor. It turned out to be a crack in the exhaust manifold. Water was getting in the motor.

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    Same prob on 460. I used an intake heat shield from Ford. I didn`t like the way it fit and I was right it leaked water. Took it out and installed new gaskets. End of prob.

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    C= 2>;*{))

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    Check your intake for excessive corrosion from water passages.
    When you have the intake off,,, block off the heat risers. I cut metal squares from soup can or coffee can. Install with RTV red.
    Free HP!

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