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Thread: Could be trouble...

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    Something odd happened today...fired the engine after sitting for a week or so, and I herd what sounded like a lifter rapping... after a few moments I shut it thoughts were a lifter didn't pump up.
    BUT...after I pulled the valve cover, I come to find #2 intake rocker was loose...the nut/lock (didn't) back off. Yea I know...wiped the cam, maybe.
    I'm HOPEING that by some odd chance when I adjusted the lifters several weeks ago the pushrod was on the side of the hyd unit...and when it bled down the pushrod then fell into the center of the lifter....(possible)?
    Tomorrow I'll have to check the lift at the rocker with a dial indicator. It would be a first...and a blessing if everything is ok.
    Re-adjusted ALL the lifters...the engine's quiet and sounds great.

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    Glad to hear all is well Ray! Team Sambaca isn't much of a team with just 1 boat.

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