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Thread: Havasu Garage (cost per square foot?)

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    I am starting to get serious about building a RV garage on our property in Havasu. I want to build a 30ft wide by 50ft deep RV garage. How much do you think should cost???

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    Im bettin in the range of 60-75k with NO bathroom or about 50 if you are going to have it attached to your home.... (I was thinking about the same thing about a year ago) Mine was going to be 40 X 50with one door 12X14 and then a 12 X 9 for the other, let me know what you get fro quotes.....
    Good luck

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    TCHB, I just got a quote on a garage cause I am buying a bigger boat. It seems that this guy was a broker kind of general anyway he gave me a price for a 16' X 40' detached garage with a 12' wide X 10' high rollup door, a stanadard man door on the side, ( no windows ) slab on grade, stucco to match my home with air conditioning. I am going to get three prices just to make sure. From what I'm hearing construction is kind of slowing a bit so I would hope to see better numbers.
    Anyway the price quoted $ 35,000.00 for 640 sf. ($54.69 per sf. )
    Hope this helps.
    Whats up wildbillg

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    Well that depends on what you want. Separate like a shop? Attached to a current structure? And then door size. 8ft. 10ft. 12ft? Siding- stucco, texture 1-11 or galvenized siding. Do you want the inside drywalled or rough finished? Plumbing? Electrical? There are so many options. Price is hard to say. I just purchased and put up a shop on my nor. cal. property, 30X60 with 16ft. roll up doors. Steel I-beam framed. The siding and roof are galvanized steel gauranteed to withstand 95mph winds. It cost me 14K for the building. Then I put another 11K into pouring the foundation, complete electrical and lighting and roll up doors. I think the roll up doors were 2500 for the pair. Now I got the shop for 14K because I ordered 3 of them. Family members wanted the same also. The shop usually retails for 20K. And no you can't break into it.

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    1. Garage door will be high enough for a motor home
    2. The new garage will be placed on our lot not connected to the home.
    3. No air conditioning
    4. One large roll up door front and back
    5. Garage stubbed only for a bathroom (future add one)

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    Yes stucco to match the exisitng house

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    A few of my buddies got quotes to add it onto their current house/garage and it was in the range of $40k. With my new boat, I would love to back it in with the biminy's up and be able to clean it, etc in the garage. I might be doing it soon too. Let me know what you find out.

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    Maybe if we get a couple of us we can swing a deal with someone.

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    My guy came in at about 43 per sq ft. 95 ft long by 18 ft tall 16 ft wide with a 13 ft garage door

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